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We live in a new world.

Clean and safe spaces are now demanded by customers world-wide.
We can help you deliver them.
With EOScu, Alfabet provides self-sanitizing surfaces and table tops that actively and continuously kill >99.9% of dangerous bacteria*.
Alfabet with EOScu offers you the industry’s only EPA Registered Preventive | Biocidal Surface™. Impregnated throughout with a proprietary copper oxide, EOScu is proven in both independent 3rd-party labs and real-world clinical settings to actively reduce the amount of contamination without human intervention – it is self-sanitizing 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Where germs are present - anywhere that people gather or pass through - EOScu is the only practical surface option for high-touch areas.

Alfabet offers a wide range of standard & custom table sizes with EOScu
Preventive | Biocidal Surfaces™.

EOScu continuously reduces bioburden, even after recontamination,
providing the highest level of active bacteria reduction.

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